We are Blue Cocoa. We make smart software.

You can think. You can react to the world around you. If your shirt is torn, you put on a new one. But, software can't think like you can. It can't fix itself. It can't figure out how to change itself. We are currently developing apps and websites that can learn from how you use them.


We were founded in September 2014. Our CEO is Shaan Singh. Shaan is a fifteen year old who lives in Maryland. He's been building software ever since he was six. He started coding by tinkering with website files, and now he works with iOS, Android, and web technologies. He has won many awards for his work, including one from Apple.

Our Work


We work with clients to make them an app or website that looks good and works well. We've built products for art schools, social networks, and more. If you have an upcoming project, get in touch with us.

In House

We can't help noticing problems people face in their daily lives. We try to fix these problems by coming up with ideas of our own and making them into full-fledged products for you to enjoy. We are currently developing one of our ideas, Time.

We've built many great apps. This one won an award from Apple.

Contact us

If you need support, have a comment, or are interested in working with us, shoot us an email at support@bluecocoa.com. You can hear what we have to say on Twitter @BlueCocoaInc.