Artificial intelligence continuously learns and adapts as you use it. This capability is making major impacts in medicine and research. Our mission is to make useful products for our customers, and we find that AI often helps us do that.

How does AI work?

One of the most popular AI algorithms is a neural network. By repeatedly training a neural network with lots of data, it can learn patterns and sequences with high accuracy.

Neural network

AI is currently being used in big industries.

Medicine, finance, self-driving cars, satellites, enterprise, customer service, airplanes, robotics, manufacturing. Name an industry. AI is probably being used or evaluated for use in it.

We bring AI to you.

Do you see something missing in that list? Thanks to smartphones, people now use apps every hour of everyday. It's about time they became smarter. We build artificial intelligence into our apps, which makes them easier, faster, and more fun to use.

Introducing Time.

Time is a productivity app we built that's not just fun to use, but it's actually useful. Finally stop procrastinating with the help of AI algorithms that learn how you work best. Learn more...