Until now, your phone was your biggest distraction.

But with Time, it’s your secret weapon.

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Tired of wasting your time?

We all have that nagging, guilty feeling that we’re letting distractions steal our time. With our app, you can use every minute for the stuff that matters.

Used and made by students at these schools:

University of Southern California
Harvard University
Stanford University
University of Maryland

How it works in less than 30 seconds:

1. Start a timer and work on something.

2. Don’t get distracted, or you risk forgetting about the timer!

3. If you do get distracted, Time notices and tries to help.

4. See exactly where your time goes every day, like magic!

There’s no way such a simple concept could make my day that much better...

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Someone’s out there making the most of their time.

With Time, you’ll never again look back on your day and wonder whether you could have done more.

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