Shaan founded Blue Cocoa in the summer of 2014 when he was fifteen years old. He works with a multitude of coding languages and platforms as he explores the possibilities of artificial intelligence and computer vision in medicine and consumer technology.

Small websites

Shaan first became interested in technology at age eight while tinkering with website source code. Quickly picking up HTML and CSS, he began building websites for people in his community.

Shaan's first website



The app by Shaan that Apple awarded


Shaan soon started studying Objective-C books and ended up releasing two apps to the App Store. In 2014 and 2015, he won an international scholarship from Apple for his iOS skills.



Artificial intelligence

In 2014, Shaan became interested in the potential of artificial intelligence in iOS. He launched Blue Cocoa, Inc. with the idea of developing AI apps, as well as building apps and websites for clients.

The first Blue Cocoa website



An expression recognition program built by Shaan

Computer vision

Shaan is currently researching a way to diagnose autism with machine learning at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins Medical Institute. Express is an exploratory app he built during the preliminary stages of this research project. More about Express...