With its remarkably simple interface, artificial intelligence, statistics, and more, Time will help you beat procrastination and get ahead of your deadlines. Completing your tasks will feel addictive, and you will have more free time to do the things you love. Join thousands of happy customers and download on the App Store today!

Crush your deadlines
with time to spare.

Quickly manage your day.

Easily add new tasks to your list. Hold and drag to reorder. Swipe to the left to delete. Everything you expect from a good to-do list.

Stay focused and work better.

Just tap on any of your tasks to start a timer. The color will change from green to yellow to red as time goes on. Glanceability at its best.

Keep your schedule flexible.

Sometimes, things come up. You can't live life on a rigid schedule. If you need to adjust the time, just drag up or down.

Push yourself to finish.

Time doesn't let you off the hook. If the timer runs out, it will start counting up. A little pressure to help you finish your task.

Become more efficient over time.

As you use the app, Time learns how you work with artificial intelligence. The app will begin offering productivity suggestions tailored to you.


Find where your time is going.

Time's stats give you an in-depth look at how much time you've worked, saved, and added per hour. Get digestible insights about your time.

Productive people use Time.

"Time is more focused on helping you accomplish your goals rather than just checking something off a list or logging your activities."

- Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

"Through using Time, I’ve seen myself become more motivated and encouraged to get stuff done. For a 1.0 product, Time nails its goals and looks good while doing it."

- Jake Underwood, MacStories

"This simple app actually made me complete a task that I have been putting off since last year . . . The best $0.99 I spent so far in 2017. Totally worth it."

- A. Fairiz, Recite Lab

"Nice! I love the profound, detailed attention to simple design and usability."

- Edric Subur, Vopo

"Great tool for motivating productivity. Very good way to track progress and weed out procrastination."

- Arthur Undi Phiri, Undi

"I tested the app for a few days while in beta and found out that the colored waves really motivated me to keep going! I would definitely recommend you trying this app to get the most out of your day!"

- Matthijs Otterloo, Formerly TNW

"The AI kicks in with more frequent use. The more addicted you become to finishing your tasks on time, the smarter the app becomes. In fact, the app can start to offer tips to help you be more productive based on your prior work habits."

- Lulu Chang, Digital Trends

"It looks beautiful!! I am The App QUEEN, lol, but really picky! Colours are something my mind focuses better with, and I am glad you chose these colours rather than the more usual sedate ones!"

- Kadiska Deigratia, The Butterfly Project

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