Time 2

Race against the clock.

Add a task and an amount of time you want to spend on it. Your job is to beat the clock and get your task done before the timer runs out.

Change bad habits.

To add more time to your task, slide the wave up. Keep using Time, and you'll notice yourself working faster so you don't have to add more time.

Plan like a superhuman.

Schedule tasks for any day. See every task you completed and how long you spent on each one. Set repeats and reminders for any task.

“Whenever I had 30 minutes to spare, I wouldn't do anything productive. Now, I open the app and have my day planned. Instead of wasting my time, I get my work done.

Louise Estberg, Student Athlete, Harvard University

“After using Time 2 for a while, I noticed that I avoided distractions so I wouldn’t have to pull the wave up. Now I work faster and feel more productive.”

Bryce Dubayah, Student, University of Maryland

“I've been using Time 2 for less than a week, and it already put my planner out of business. This is incredible.”

Ike Okereke, Student, Harvard University