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Tired of being overwhelmed?

We all procrastinate, and it sucks. Work piles up, and we feel guilty and stressed. If you want to become a stress free productivity pro, Time 2 is for you.

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Calendars don't help you focus.

Calendars are great for organizing the work you have to do. But when you're working on a task, it's way too easy to get distracted and start wasting time.

Race against the clock.

Whenever you want to focus, start a timer. As the timer counts down, stay focused and work hard. If you don't beat the clock, it will go into overtime!

Power through your work.

You're less likely to get distracted when using Time 2. As our customers will tell you, it feels bad to keep pausing the task or adding more time to it.

Fight your phone addiction.

If you leave Time 2 while a task is running, it will send you a notification warning you not to get distracted. Facebook and Instagram can wait.

Plan like a superhuman.

Time 2 is the only planning app you'll ever need. You can schedule tasks for any day, see everything you've ever completed, and even set reminders.

“Whenever I had 30 minutes to spare, I wouldn't do anything productive. Now, I open the app and have my day planned. Instead of wasting my time, I get my work done.

Louise Estberg, Student Athlete, Harvard University

“Love Time 2! I get easily overwhelmed with my workload, but with Time I work faster and have an accurate idea of when I'm going to be done.

Mike Schmid, keyboard player for Miley Cyrus

“After using Time 2 for a while, I noticed that I avoided distractions so I wouldn't have to pull the wave up. Now I work faster and feel more productive.”

Bryce Dubayah, Student, University of Maryland


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Still not convinced?

If you want to become even a little bit more productive, you'd be crazy not to try Time 2.

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We're happy to chat.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about Time 2, you can email us at support@bluecocoa.com. We'll get back to you within an hour.

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Interested in an Android or web version of Time 2? Both are in development, and we'll be back with more information soon!