You should be doing your work, but there's this great video on YouTube, your cousin is posting his wedding pictures on Facebook, and your best friend is texting you about her new puppy. Next thing you know, it's midnight and you have a ton of work to do. Our new app – Time – helps you beat procrastination.

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Your day with Time.

8:00 AM

Wake up and plan your day.

Quickly add new tasks to your list. Hold and drag to reorder. Swipe to the left to delete. Everything you expect from a good to-do list.

11:30 AM

Crush your work.

Just tap on any of your tasks to start a timer. Time's color-coordinated interface will help keep you on track.

12:45 PM

Lunch at ease.

We know that you can't live life on a rigid schedule. If you finish a task early, pull it down. If you need more time, pull it up.

3:00 PM

Beat the afternoon blues.

Time doesn't let you off the hook. If the timer runs out, it will start counting up. Goodbye laziness.

2 days later

Be even more productive.

As you use the app, Time learns how you work with artificial intelligence. Become more efficient with the app's suggestions.

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